Trobar Clus recording first album

Recording of the first album

It is said that Trobar Clus was seen near the Studio333, in the French mountains, after what strange non-human sounds were heard through the heights : would a first album be in production ?

Trobar Clus on Wéo

Everywhere in the news !

After the release of “Adhuc Stat“, our U.F.O Trobar Clus was spotted on French television… … in newspapers… (20 Minutes) (Le Bonbon) … as well as international radios ! THE INVASION CAN NO LONGER BE HIDDEN BY THE MEDIA ! BEWARE !

Trobar clus live at Les Concerts Trempés

Trobar Clus live at Les Concerts Trempés

Ahoy there, mateys ! Yesterday, Trobar Clus succesfully performed its first pirate live event on a barge thanks to “Les Concerts Trempés”… No mercy was granted, as you can see with this passage of the song “Mambo Electro”… 👽🌊

Trobar Clus next music video

Filming in progress

In may, Trobar Clus started the shooting of his next music video at the magnificent Palais de la cathédrale, Saint-Omer… For the moment, we don’t anything about this video, except that he was helped by the actor Karim Rouabah and by the aliens of the Studio 333 : WEIRDNESS INCOMING.

Welcome to Trobar Clus

Welcome to the official Trobar Clus internet thing !

The world you were born in no longer exists. Everything is doomed. Yet, you managed to find us, servants of Trobar Clus, the Great Cosmocrator. You can’t go out anymore, it’s too dangerous. Yet, we want you to join us, servants of Trobar Clus, and unleash yourself with his weird electronic music.